Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're getting big

Last Sunday during Sacrament Meeting Morgan colored his first picture.  I don't mean it was the first time I handed him some crayons but usually he just scribbles.  I've tried to get him to color in the lines multiple times but he always just looks at me and starts scribbling again.  Then Sunday, out of the blue, he colored a whole picture staying in the lines (for the most part, obviously).  It opened a whole new world.  After church he sat and colored for another 2 hours.  Morgan has never done anything for 2 hours.  I can barely get him to concentrate on something for more than 5 minutes.  Now he colors all the time.  He's so proud of himself and so excited that he can do it.  I LOVE it!!!  Morgan is showing more and more than he is my son in the coordination department.  He's been exercising with me some and it's pretty hilarious to watch him try to imitate the moves.  I don't think he's going to be our star athlete but A plus for effort.

Teagan is actually getting bigger.  He's wearing his size 12 pants and his size 3 shoes now.  He's talking a little more and he loves making animal sounds.  He copies every sound Morgan makes.  He's such a good sport on the trampoline. Even though he falls every 5 seconds because Morgan (and sometimes other kids) is jumping, he just laughs and gets right back off instead of crying like most other kids his age.  He is struggling with letting us leave him in nursery.  Last week I had to stay for the first hour but he did good without me the second hour.

The boys both LOVE playing outside and LOVE playing with the neighborhood kids.  They are both such sweethearts and bring me more joy than should be possible every single day (some days it only lasts for 30 seconds or so, but still).

Easter Egg Hunts

It's somewhat annoying when someone in the community plans a big free Easter Egg Hunt, advertises it, and then expects only 10 kids to show up.  We went to a hunt this morning at UVU in which Morgan and Teagan got one egg each.  And there were a bunch of kids crying that didn't get any.  It wasn't because there were super mean kids that stole them, it was because there weren't even as many eggs to hunt as there were kids.  So annoying.  On the bright side, they had a bunch of activities before the hunt and Morgan had tons of fun and didn't even realize he should be upset about only getting one egg.  He's such a great kid!!! 

We've seen the Easter Bunny 3 times now.  The first time Teagan was absolutely terrified.  I've never seen such terror on his face during his lifetime.  The second time he freaked out but the terror wasn't on the same level.  Today he was nervous and wary but not terrified and didn't freak out.  We're making progress.