Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ok, these are the worst pictures ever but these kids were not in the mood to cooperate.  And check out my kids: they're the best smilers ever and most of these look like prison photos.  Oh well.  Guess we'll try again at Christmas (or whenever Rob & Jen come back to Utah).
Teagan, Quinn, Keaton, Morgan

Foam Day

Lehi City holds Foam Day every July.  The Firemen cover a big field in foam from their hoses and the kids play in it.  This was our first year and it happened to fall on the same day as the Long Reunion which was at our house so we got to take a few more kids along to enjoy it.  Teagan didn't like it all but he wasn't feeling very good, was SUPER tired, and HATED the goggles.  Hopefully next year he'll like it a little more.  You can't tell from the pictures but Morgan did actually like it but wasn't sure what to do, wasn't sure about all the people, and he hated the goggles as well.  Randy's back was killing him on Saturday so he stayed home in bed while we went.  Next year I'm planning on him taking pictures from the sidelines and me getting in with the kids so they will have more fun.

One of the cousins is a fireman in Ohio? and I told him he should go home and start this tradition. He said if this many people were gathered in one place people would be selling crack and the foam would just be cover for knife fights, etc.  I'm sure glad we live in a place where good clean fun is not only possible but also pretty easy to find.

Cleaning off in the fire hose spraying water like a huge shower

Anthony, Morgan, Devin, Teagan, Aiden, Cody

Temple pictures

During the last General Conference someone said (you'd think I'd take the time to go ahead and look it up but I'm feeling lazy right now) every kid should have a picture of the temple in their room.  I decided to take pictures of the boys in front of the temple and blow it up rather than putting a generic picture up.  You just can't beat Costco's $6 16 X 20.  They turned out super cute!  I added some writing to the one I blew up which you will be able to see as soon as I get the boys curtain's done and post all the pictures of their newly decorated room.  But here are some of the cute shots I got.

Happy Birthday to me!

Randy and the boys gave me some seriously sweet sunglasses and a coupon to buy myself a new swimsuit for my birthday.  Since I was getting beach presents they decorated the house with Hawaiian stuff, got me a beach cake, had Hawaiian pizza, and blew up and played with beach balls.  It was a fun, relaxing birthday with my 3 boys.

Maybe my Goofus isn't gone after all

Back when we were dating and first married Randy would let go and be a goofus with me.  It was so fun.  He never does that anymore.  I don't know if it's 9 years of marriage or old age or life just getting him down but he's never silly or goofy anymore.  And when I am he looks at me like he needs to check me into the mental hospital.  But low and behold, look what I found when I was uploading my pictures from the camera.  Don't ask me (and don't tell him I put this on the blog because he'll probably kill me).

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer = Fun Part 5

Rob & Jen got us a membership to Discovery Gateway for Christmas.  The boys LOVE it!!!  These pictures are actually from our visit in March since I keep forgetting to take my camera but since I never got around to adding those to the blog it worked out ok


Funny and Sweet

We were at Costco a few days ago and they had a special swimsuit roadshow going on. I was looking at the swimsuits and Morgan reached out and cupped and rubbed the mannequin's breast and said "she has really beautiful boobies."  Add this to the fact that there are times when, even though he knows he's not supposed to touch boobs, he just can't resist touching mine.  It's hilarious.  I can't believe how young it starts.

The other day when Randy was leaving for work I said "Have a nice day" and Morgan said "Don't kill anyone."  He is always saying things that make me laugh.  Teagan loves life so much and is so entertained by the simplest of things.  He'll get giggling about the smallest thing and you can't help joining in.

One of my favorite things about Morgan right now is the fact that he is always telling me how beautiful I am.  

One of my favorite things about Teagan right now is he just randomly walks over and gives me a big hug and a kiss out of the blue. 

They are both so sincere and it's so sweet and it totally makes my day. They make me laugh, they make me feel so loved and special, they make every single day amazing.  I am so so so blessed.

Grandma Barksdale

Grandma Barksdale came out to visit during May and June. Not only did we get to see her with all her posterity and with just my parent's family but Morgan, Teagan and I got to spend a whole afternoon with her alone.  It was great!  We try to go down and visit her in Texas every couple years and it's been doubly awesome since Rob & Jen live a few hours from her.


Poor little Teagan hurt is foot and was limping really bad.  It wasn't getting any better and sometimes it hurt him so bad he would cry for me to pick him up.  It was so sad.  So I took him to the doctor to get xrays and make sure he didn't have a hairline fracture or a torn tendon or something.  They said it was probably just some internal bruising and sent us home to wait it out.  He limped for almost a month before it finally started getting better.  But he seems OK now.  Here are some pics waiting in the doctor's office.  Seriously, I am constantly in awe of how cute my boys are.  What sweethearts!

Morgan wanted a picture of his spit

Summer = Having Fun Part 4

Lehi Roundup week is a big deal every year.  Last year we went to the Rodeo which was really fun and Morgan loved.  But last year we had my parents to take turns with Teagan.  It makes a big difference when you only have to hold/entertain him 1/4 of the time.  This year my parents were in Yellowstone plus Randy's back is still injured so it would have been all me.  We opted to wait until next year.  I pretty much hate parades and would have had to take the boys by myself so that was out.  We only ended up going to the Hutchings Museum (bird show, reptile show, face painting, plus the museum) and the Macey's Grand Opening party (25 cent hot dogs, free cinnamon rolls, free chips, bounce houses/slides, face painting).

Is that my kid?

I promise he's not flipping me off, just hasn't learned not to point with that particular finger yet