Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let's Make Lemonade!!!

Top 25 Reasons our bad news last week isn't the end of the world and definitely has its perks (in no particular order):
  1. I don't have to be pregnant again!
  2. No more nursing!
  3. No more emotional roller coaster
  4. More money for extracurricular activities (sports, music, etc)
  5. More time to taxi around to said activities
  6. No more storing stuff for future kids, once Teagan outgrows it we can get rid of it
  7. Don't have to buy a whole bunch of pink stuff
  8. We can have any car we want. Don't need to spend a ton of money initially or extra on gas for a mini van or suburban
  9. A family of four fits perfectly in a hotel room
  10. I can take medicine when I'm sick or have allergies or whatever
  11. I can drink Dr Pepper when I'm super tired from my crazy schedule
  12. I can get my body back into the shape I want it and keep it there without fertility drugs or pregnancy interfering
  13. I get to ride the zip line at our family party tomorrow
  14. Nor more putting life on hold because I'm pregnant or nursing or our baby is too small
  15. We can start doing big kid stuff pretty soon ie going to the movie as a family
  16. We're almost done with diapers!
  17. We can take all the time in the world to finish the basement, no pressure
  18. No more kids to mess up the fabulous relationship between our boys.  These boys really are the best of friends and love each other more than words can say.  Morgan asked me yesterday if he could marry Teagan when they get bigger.  Too cute!
  19. We don't have to think of any more boy names
  20. I can start going on our annual family backpacking trip again (because I'm not pregnant, nursing, or taking care of an infant)
  21. The kids don't outnumber the adults.
  22. The kids will get a lot more of my attention since it won't be split between more children, especially when those other children are babies and require so much attention.
  23. More money for me : )
  24. I can hold all my kids on my lap at the same time
  25. We can finally move on and stop dealing with this particular trial

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cutie Pies

The Big Test of Mortality: Over and Over and Over Again

Why is that mortality requires us to do things over and over and over gain?  Housework is seriously the worst job in the world.  No matter how long I spend cleaning and how great it looks when I'm done, my gratification is extremely short-lived.  I turn around and it's a disaster again.  Laundry is the worst.  I can spend all day doing laundry and the next day the hamper is half full again.  I would really love to clean the house and have it stay clean for once.  How can you find satisfaction in a job well done when it is undone so quickly?  Exercise: I can exercise for an hour a day six days a week, build and tone muscles, prolong my endurance, etc.  But the minute I stop my body starts going back downhill.  I can never actually reach a goal and be done.  I always have to keep working on it.  Even maintaining something takes a lot of work.  The minute you stop working on your spirituality it starts to decline.  The same goes for your marriage or other relationships, your yard, your talents, your hobbies, your skills, etc. 

Obviously this is very important to our test here in mortality because it seriously runs through every aspect of my life.  What is it that I'm supposed to learn from having to do things over and over and over again?  At the moment, I really don't know and I obviously haven't learned it yet.  This housework thing is going to be the death of me. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pregnant with Twins!

If I were a superstitious person yesterday would have caused me some severe anxiety.  We implanted our last two embryos yesterday - Friday the 13th.  Luckily, I'm not superstitious so it wasn't a big deal.  But I think if this cycle results in a baby I'll consider Friday the 13th to be my new LUCKY day. 

So in reference to my title, ttechnically I'm pregnant with twins right now.  I may not be in two weeks when it's time for my pregnancy test but I am today.  In fact, I've been pregnant with twins 4 times!  But no twins to show for it. Kind of sad when you think of it that way.

Last night as I'm laying in bed on bed rest, my throat starts hurting, my body starts aching, my head starts pounding...yep, I'm freaking coming down with the flu.  If this had happened just one day earlier I could've taken some nyquil and slept in oblivion.  But no, it happens they day we implant embryos so I had to toss and turn in misery all night long.  Wanna know the last time I was sick?  Between implantation and pregnancy test a few months ago.  What's up with that?  Plus, I have no idea if this is how things work or not, but now I worry that my body will be so busy fighting off this stupid bug that it won't have enough energy left to make my babies.  So here I sit, miserable with sickness and afraid to expend any energy at all.  It's frustrating.

But I know I'm in good hands.  The Lord is there watching out for me.  He knows what's best for me and wants me to be happy so whatever happens is for the best.  We'll get through it one way or another.  But I'm relieved to know that it's done.  We'll never be able to save up $12,000 to do IVF again so I'm done with fertility drugs.  I'm done with needles.  I'm done with the emotional roller coaster.  Either I'm pregnant - YAY!!! Or I'm not and I can start getting used to the idea of only have two kids.  Whatever happens, it's a relief and I'm excited to move on to the next step in our lives. 

This is what I take every day.  I feel like I should be living in a geriatric ward.

Our last two embryos that were implanted yesterday.

Yay! It's finally spring!!!

This spring was definitely a long time in the making!  Yes, it usually snows in April, May, and sometimes even June but they are freak storms surrounded by warm spring weather.  This year our entire March and April (excepting a day here and there) was cold and snowy.  It sucked big time.  After a long depressing winter I need the sunshine and I need the warmth.  But here we are May and it's FINALLY spring.  The boys and I spend a good chunk of time every day outside enjoying the weather.  And almost every time we're out playing on the trampoline one of the other women on the block comes over with her kid(s) and hangs out with us.  It's GREAT!!!  I planted a bunch of bulbs in the fall and it's been fun seeing them come up too.  Sunshine and flowers just make me happy!

Dying Easter Eggs

Another fun tradition...inviting the Grandparents over to dye Easter Eggs with us.  Morgan had a lot of fun coloring the eggs with crayons this year.  My mom has noticed that none my scrapbook pages have pictures of me on them because I'm always the one taking the pictures.  So she grabbed the camera and snapped some shots so it looks like I actually participate in these events.  Thanks Grandma!!!

Randy about to crack some heads when he saw a BYU egg in the pile

Grandma and Teagy being silly

The finished product

1st Annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast

We decided to be proactive this year and plan a neighborhood Easter egg hunt followed by breakfast on our patio.  I don't really like being the one to plan and be in charge of things.  I would much rather be one the one who shows up with a pan of muffins or something.  But it went really well and I'm definitely glad we did it.  3 and younger hunted in our backyard and the rest went all the way around the block.  Randy was busy making french toast while the hunt was going on.  I didn't get many pictures because I was busy helping Teagan find eggs and then busy making sure breakfast was all ready to go but these few will give you a good idea.  We're planning on making this a yearly tradition.

All the neighborhood kids from oldest to youngest

Teagan trying to get the candy out of his egg

Teagan more interested in the other kids than in finding eggs

Myles - Age 3

Ella - Age 2

Matt & Olivia - Age 1

Morgan going crazy finding eggs
Breakfast on the patio

The kids much more interested in going through their baskets than in eating breakfast

Easter Bunny

Easter was a lot of fun this year.  The boys LOVED finding eggs this year, especially Morgan.  Saturday morning we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had come and left candy-filled eggs all over the house.  Teagan was all about picking up eggs until one came apart and he discovered they had candy in them.  After that, all he wanted to do was eat candy.  It was pretty funny.  I'm thinking he had about 10 times the amount of sugar he should have in one day just in the first couple hours of the day.  Oh well.

Notice Teagan's cheeks are full of candy