Sunday, September 18, 2011


The boys had fun trying on costumes today. I know, it's a bit early, but I like to know what we're doing so I can look for deals if necessary. Unfortunately, I love the whole family costume thing.  Morgan really wants to be Buzz Lightyear (which we got on Clearance after Halloween last year).  That means the rest of us have to be Toy Story too.  Usually I buy the boy's costumes and then put something together for Randy and I.  I've been looking for something for Teagan and found an alien costume on Friday for a SCREAMIN deal.  Randy and I are probably going to be Mr and Mrs Potato Head since that sounds the easiest to DIY.  But I think some of these other options are cuter.  Which is your favorite?

Teagan's Birthday Party

What's to say other than lots of fun spent with family?  Teagan got some awesome presents, but more importantly, he felt special and had fun with all his family.  Nothing could be better.
Teagan & Cylis

Grandpa Smith


Cameron & Melissa

Derek & Teagan

Best Friends

Grandma Smith, Morgan, & Cylis

Derek & Teagan

Natalie & Melissa

Morgan & Bryce

Me trying to taking a picture of myself so I'm not invisible like usual (since I always take the pictures)

Great Grandma Smith

Lacey, Brandon, and Teagan

Teagan & Grandpa Long

Teagan LOVED the moose in Colorado
As you can see, he LOVES this one as well

Derek probably  made a sassy remark and Teagan is giving him what he deserves

Trying to tell us he's two

Happy Birthday Teagan!!!

Teagan's birthday was on Friday but his party wasn't until Saturday.  I wanted to make it an extra special day for him so when I got home from work the boys and I went to Arctic Circle for lunch. Their playground is easier for Teagan to play on by himself, plus I like their food way better than McDonald's. The boys played for over an hour and barely touched their lunch but that's a good sign that they're having fun.

Then we went to Trafalga and rode the carousel and bunch of times because Teagan wanted to ride the horsies and then played a round of outdoor miniature golf. Unfortunately I didn't take the camera with me since it's too much of a pain to juggle the camera while helping the boys (and we don't live in the current century where everyone has a camera phone.) Teagan would let me help him with this first shot but after that he wanted to do it himself. He would run down, pick up his ball, put it a couple inches from the hole and try to hit it in the hole by himself. He was so awkward with the club that this rarely happened so when he had had enough, he picked it up and put it in the hole. Then he clapped and said "yay," so proud of himself that he got it in the hole.  It was hillarious.  He did this same thing hole after hole.

After Trafalga we headed to a new park we hadn't played at before. Teagan was Mr Daring and trying things that scared me but didn't even phase him.  I guess that's how it should be.  It will be nice when he's big enough that I can just sit on the sidelines and read a book while they play.

The boys had been playing pretty hard for quite a few hours at this point so we headed home for a well needed nap. After the nap we got up, had some dinner, and went to Cars 2 at the movie theater.  It was Teagan's first time and we didn't actually make it through the whole movie but he was really excited and really loved getting the big popcorn.  Overall, it was a really fun day and I think Teagan felt pretty special since we made such a big deal out of it.