Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Fun

We took the kids to Hee Haw Farms this year.  Derek and Rachel came with us.  The maze was pretty stupid.  We couldn't find our way out and the boys were whining about being thirsty (note to self, bring backpack full of supplies next year) so we just went back to the beginning.  I went and asked an employee where the exit was on the map and she said you come out the same place you go in.  So pretty much, you go in and wander around in circles and come back out again.  So lame!!!  Next year we'll be going through a maze that has an actual path from point A to point B.  It was my first time in a corn maze in the daytime so that was new.  I have to say I like the dark and haunted mazes better but I guess that will have to wait a few more years.  In addition to the maze, they also have a bunch of other activities so it was a pretty fun day.  And Morgan loved being able to pick out his own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch (which I must say was somewhat pathetic, but whatever).

Animal Train

Pig Chase

"Wahoo, I touched the pig!"

"I hate this corn maze."

"So......thirsty....can't.....go.....on"  He sat with his down like this for at least 15 minutes

Corn Box, even more fun than it looks

Burying Rachel

King of the Mountain

Jumping in the Hay

Super fun slide

Pony Ride

Hay Ride


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