Sunday, November 6, 2011

Morgan's first primary talk

Morgan gave his first primary talk in October. I perused the Internet for some clip art to use for visual aids but I didn't like any of it.  So we took pictures of Morgan and printed some 5x7s instead. I thought it was important that he write his own talk so we sat down and I asked him a bunch of questions about prayer and his answers pretty much became his talk.  Randy thought it was ridiculous that I wanted a sunbeam to memorize his talk but he totally did and gave his talk pretty much by himself.  I just held the pictures for him and, of course, gave moral support.  He was amazing!

I like to talk to Heavenly Father. When I say my prayers I fold my arms and close my eyes to show Heavenly Father I love Him.
I pray before I eat
So my body will be big and strong
When I lose something, Heavenly Father helps me find it.
Talking to Heavenly Father makes me happy.

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